SQM is committed to fulfil its responsibilities professionally as entrusted by the university in the following:


1. To provide a strategic and quality management and monitoring system that is efficient and effective;

2. To monitor the university’s strategic plan and quality;

3. To produce a report on the university’s strategic plan and quality within the stipulated time; 

4. To ensure that information on the university’s achievements is disseminated within two (2) days of obtaining it; 

5. To conduct meetings on strategic and quality management based on the set schedule; 

6. To provide training, consultation and execute audits related to university level strategic and quality management; 

7. To conduct a review of the university’s Strategic Thrusts’ performance quarterly;

8. To implement a risk management program based on ISO 31000 as a primary framework for the university’s risk management; 

9. To coordinate, enhance and enculturate quality management at all university departments based on Quality Management System MS ISO 9001: 2015;

10. To monitor the university’s academic programmes in ensuring their compliance to the requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and/or the relevant accreditation bodies, and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.