MPI (Ministry Performance Indicator)

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The Ministry has developed a set of MKPIs anchored on the system goals of access, quality, equity, unity, and efficiency. These MPIs have been cascaded downwards from the Ministry to universities, ensuring consistency and coherency of targets throughout the system. Starting at the national level, each university will have their performance tracked against these MPIs on a yearly basis.


Universities will also have a shared outcome-focused set of MPIs that is cascaded from the Minister, under-scoring a partnership between Universities and the Ministry. MOHE has instituted five (5) MPIs for public universities as follows:

1.       1. Number of joint research collaborations with institutions listed in the TOP 50 QS World University Rankings.

2.       2. Number of key researchers conducting research collaborations (international and industry) for MYPAIR programs.

3.       3. Percentage of marketability rate of IPT graduates.

4.       4. Number of international students participating in the international student assembly

5. Number of matching partners under Edu tourism.


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