Institutional Risk

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University Risk Management Division (URMD) acts as the secretariat for the University Risk Management Committee (URMC). In addition, URMD provides support services for the implementation of risk management in ensuring the acceptance of the implementation of this framework throughout the University such as ensuring that briefings to the responsible parties. URMD is also responsible for developing risk, monitoring and reporting systems for the implementation of the University's risk management. This process is assisted by Departmental Risk Officers as well as the secretariat for risk management at the University level.  


The objectives of risk management are to:

i)                    Identify and manage existing risks and new risks in a planned and structured manner, with minimal costs and interruptions.

ii)                   Develop a culture of risk awareness among staff.

iii)                 To increase customers, stakeholders, satisfaction level and trust towards UniMAP.

iv)                 To create a safe and conducive environment for the University to carry out its operations as planned.



Risk Management Committee:

i)                    University Risk Management Committee

ii)                   Cluster Risk Management Committee

iii)                 Risk Management Coordination Committee

iv)                 PTj Risk Management Working Committee



Risk categories:

i)                    Strategic Risks

Risks that prevent the achievement of the University/PTj's directions and objectives.

ii)                  Financial Risks

Risks related to the capabilities, management and financial security as well as other financial related aspects.

iii)                Legal Risk

Risks relating to legal implications, delegation of powers and other aspects relating to legislation.

iv)                Risk Operations

Risks involving all work processes to achieve organizational objectives such as service-related processes, employee safety, human resources, information security, technology usage etc.

v)                  Risk of Reputation

            Risk that will implicate the university's image and reputation.



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