Innovative and creative group (ICC) or KIK as it is known in Malay refers to a group of UniMAP staff (both academic and non-academic) who cooperate to investigate, analyse, and find the best way to solve particular work problems in a structured manner using ICC tools and problem solving process. The process entails that each member of the group is provided with the opportunity to contribute his/her ideas towards solving the problem at hand. The process recognises the unique value proposition each individual brings to the team, which in turn enhances work motivation of the particular member of the group. In addition, the activities incorporated within the ICC process nurture the development of staff skills, capabilities, confidence and creativity, made possible through the continuous process of group discussions, training, and trials towards solving the problem. The utilization of the PDCA cycle in the ICC process contributes towards the incorporation of the cycle in everyday workplace situations, hence creating an excellence-based workplace culture.

UniMAP has been actively involved in ICC since 2004. Over the years, UniMAP has been sending its teams to ICC Conventions to showcase its innovation as a result of the application of ICC tools in the implementation of ICC projects. These include Innovative and Creative Convention


SQM PIC: Encik Rhafizuan Rusli